On Taking Things Too Seriously


Maybe it’s just me I don’t know. Sometimes I get so focused and serious about things my demeanor becomes very somber and subdued. Even the tone of my voice becomes downcast. My countenance appears as if I have lost my best friend or my dog left me. While I communicate that on the outside on the inside I am plugging along. Humor is a great way to loosen up a bit and relieve those serious face muscles.

Humor at the expense of someone else is not really funny. I find that the best humor actually comes at the expense of one’s self. Sometimes the humor can be successfully shared. Other times you just had to be there.

Saturday I put on my black pants, white shirt, appropriate tie and jacket as I prepared for the afternoon wedding. When I got to church I realized that I had worn my Blue jacket with my black pants. More embarrassing than funny. But I pulled it off pretty well (I think).

Sunday I wore my black pants, white shirt, and I made sure I picked out my black jacket… Well it was blue… so I called Debbie. She was already on the road. I called another person who agreed to stop by and pick up my black jacket. I was thrilled.

When the jacket was brought in … it was … ready for this? BLUE! Perhaps you had to be there, but I just laughed and embraced the black and blue combo. NOW, I am marking the color on ALL my pants/jackets.


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