On Doing Our Part

peighton and leavesYard work is not one of my “joys” in life. I think if I were to be an inventor I would invent a material one could place in the yard and the proper landscaping could be drawn on it. It would be lifelike and completely maintenance free. But alas I dream!!!

Monday was the day for yard work. Debbie and I tackled a few items on our list. Fortunately we had Peighton to help us. Now you might think that a 4 year old would not accomplish very much but as the picture reveals she was of great assistance and very eager to do “her part.” Of course, “her part” was a little less strenuous than our part. Nonetheless her participation made the work go well.

In life, we are all responsible for a part of the work.   The list is long and the need is great. We all have different levels of skills and abilities.  I have found when we all eagerly do our part, the work goes well and a lot is accomplished. I know that physical limitations keep some folks away. However your prayers, encouragement and moral support are important as well.

Will you do your part with eagerness and joy? We surely get a lot more done when you do.


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