Thanks for visiting my blog.

Let me tell you something about myself.

My name is Wes Henson. I live in Carterville, IL. I grew up in Hopkinton, RI. What I miss most about New England and my hometown is the ocean. What I miss the least is the traffic and the fast paced movement of everyone.

Southern Illinois is a beautiful part of the country. I hope to post some pictures of its beauty from time to time. Economically this region lags behind the rest of the state and country in my ways.  After all it is ILLINOIS!

I especially want you to know that I do not live any where near Chicago. It is more than 6 hours away by automobile.

I am a passionate fan of the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox.

My purpose for this blog is to share random thoughts through words, audio, video, and pictures.

Thank you again for stopping by. I encourage you to comment on my posts. Feel free to disagree and engage me in civil dialogue.. I learn more from folks who disagree than agree with me.

Be Blessed!


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