How to Be A Good Follower

One of the unique characteristics of being a part of The Ridge Church, or any church for that matter is the dual roles we all serve. At times we are called on to be leaders and other times, followers. In reality we all serve as followers of Jesus.

Ron Edmondson offers ways one can be a good follower. While his focus is on church staff, 9 of these are great insights for church members and leaders as well.

Help me lead better – Help me be a better leader in the areas where I may not have the access to information you do.

Do what you commit to do – If you aren’t going to complete a task, please let me know in plenty of time or offer to help find someone who can.

Don’t commit if you won’t put your heart into it – Good followers give their best effort towards completing the work assigned to them.

Pray for me – I don’t have all the answers. In fact, some days I have none.

Complete my shortcomings – The reason we are a team is because you have skills I lack.

Respect me – In public settings, even when you don’t agree with my decisions, honor me until you have a chance to challenge me privately.

Love the vision – Ask God to give you a burning desire to see the vision succeed.

Be prepared – When bringing an issue for a decision, do your homework – information.

Stay healthy – You can’t be as effective on the team if you are unhealthy. As much as it depends on you, remain a healthy follower.

We are all part of the team called The Ridge Church! May we all be good followers of Jesus as well .

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On Taking Things Too Seriously

Maybe it’s just me I don’t know. Sometimes I get so focused and serious about things my demeanor becomes very somber and subdued. Even the tone of my voice becomes downcast. My countenance appears as if I have lost my best friend or my dog left me. While I communicate that on the outside on the inside I am plugging along. Humor is a great way to loosen up a bit and relieve those serious face muscles.

Humor at the expense of someone else is not really funny. I find that the best humor actually comes at the expense of one’s self. Sometimes the humor can be successfully shared. Other times you just had to be there.

Saturday I put on my black pants, white shirt, appropriate tie and jacket as I prepared for the afternoon wedding. When I got to church I realized that I had worn my Blue jacket with my black pants. More embarrassing than funny. But I pulled it off pretty well (I think).

Sunday I wore my black pants, white shirt, and I made sure I picked out my black jacket… Well it was blue… so I called Debbie. She was already on the road. I called another person who agreed to stop by and pick up my black jacket. I was thrilled.

When the jacket was brought in … it was … ready for this? BLUE! Perhaps you had to be there, but I just laughed and embraced the black and blue combo. NOW, I am marking the color on ALL my pants/jackets.